Female Sexual Dysfunction

Does Female Sexual Dysfunction exist?

Most people think that Yansho has always been an “ineffable” man and has no connection with women. In fact, women also suffer from “impotence.” Just as there are obstacles that men cannot do when they want to “do something”, women also do not have sufficient secretion of reproductive lubricating fluids, and then slowly do not develop sexual dysfunction. However, compared with the organic impotence of men and psychological impotence, the two main causes of morbidity are due to psychological factors.

The problem of sex life between the two sexes is becoming increasingly noticeable, and sexual harmony is attracting more and more attention. According to studies, 44% of women said that they could not feel happy in sexual intercourse. Only a few of them can reach orgasm several times, and most of them never feel the climax.



For sensitive women, the environment has a big impact. Intense emotional changes and enormous pressure in life are the causes of female “impotence.”

Emotional problems and quarrels between men and women, in turn, will affect the sexual desire between them. Understanding between men and women and high emotions will make the sex life of both sides harmonious. Long-term disharmony and emotional depression can reduce a woman’s sexual desire. The level of estrogen secretion will decrease, the secretion of vaginal lubrication will decrease, and the orgasm will be difficult.

The tremendous pressure of modern women makes women lose their sexual interest. The attention of women has to be paid to work and life, their illusions and interests are reduced. In the end, even if they are stubborn, their attention is completely different. The climax is difficult to produce.

In menopausal women, the level of estrogen in the body will quickly fall, causing insufficient vaginal discharge. At the same time, with increasing age, after the peak of sexual desire has to enter menopause, the demand for sex will also sharply decrease. This is a natural physiological phenomenon. When women reach this age, they are not suitable for pregnancy. The reproductive needs of the instinct are lost and, of course, the feedback with the body and mind. Increase the size of men, solve untold men, make you tough and durable, a special formula for one person.

Difficulty with climaxing

In sexual intercourse, women must reach a climax, which, of course, is directly related to the sexual skills of men. Prelude to intercourse is also an important part of the harmony of sex life. Women need stimulation from sexually sensitive areas, and many men often only care about their own feelings. They do not have enough foreplay to provoke the sexual desire of women and they want to have sexual intercourse.

The time of intercourse is often very short. When the woman did not reach the climax, she already had ejaculation and ended her sexual intercourse. The long-term waste of things made women feel less interesting and happy, and their sex became more and more cold.

Sexual love is not a question for one person, it requires mutual cooperation and understanding. Many women can achieve sexual orgasm through masturbation, but not in sexual intercourse. This can explain many problems. Men should try to communicate physically and verbally with a woman, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of women for sex, to form a good cycle and create a harmonious sex life