How does a woman cope with a man’s sexual incompetence

A wife who has been married for 8 years has cried to me that she has endured the sad journey of her husband to avoid sex.

The answer given by her husband is “I really don’t love her, I am not gay, I am a fantasy woman, my lover in my heart, I will always be You can’t get it. You tell her about sexual dysfunction, so she is dead, and we are all free.” In the face of such a relationship, one party has already decided that psychological treatment is meaningless. But the cruel reality of eight years of time is something that no one wants to see. When there is a problem with the sexual relationship, we should solve it as soon as possible, because this problem will not be self-defeating, and it will only get worse and worse.

The most embarrassing scene in sex life is that he is weak, which is really frustrating. Occasionally, it is completely normal, and if it appears from time to time, it must be taken seriously. As long as men have morning erections, they are not organic impotence. Especially young men do not have chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Therefore, the most important cause of impotence is psychogenic. In the face of such a woman, women are often “one-headed lawsuits”, blows, satire, sarcasm, disappointing eyes, irritating expressions, making men more self-sufficient. These reactions of women are of course normal and understandable, but if there is no proper measure after emotional venting, it will only make the situation worse and worse.

Because more and more women realize the importance of sex in intimate relationships, they no longer deny the beauty of sex, no longer fear because of fear to avoid the lover’s sexual requirements, no longer stick to the meaningless “hymen”, no Then the shy reluctant rose, no longer willing to open quietly, so I have higher expectations for the sexual ability of the sexual partner.

However, most women know very little about sexual knowledge.

They think that this should be the sexual blessing that men give them. As long as they don’t evade, wait for acceptance, so that they can examine his sexual ability. In fact, this is one of the common misunderstandings. A person’s sexual ability must be manifested by a sexual relationship. In other words, if he is not making love with you, the situation will change, or even be completely different.

Therefore, your sexual relationship is a hotbed for your sexual love. You and his sexuality will be presented in your sexual relationship. In other words, this is the sexual ability of each other that you can enjoy each other. As for the other party. There are no other sexual abilities that you can’t know. Sex is the result of interaction with each other. When he is not performing well, what do you look like? Women need to reflect on it.

Compared with women, men are not too picky about sex. But there are some details that you must pay attention to first:


The atmosphere of making love should be relaxed, warm and humorous. Generally speaking, men are willing to show his male humor, which requires women’s little humor to pave the way. The premise for a man to let go is that women should relax first, and the sexual atmosphere should not be too beautiful. Therefore, women must let go of their shackles and enter a amiable state, and men’s courage can have a place to display.


Men want to be needed by women. As a woman, your enthusiasm and visible pleasure are the most essential things. But if a man doesn’t know it or doesn’t take advantage of it, you’ll still be depressed. Don’t hide your cravings, tell them clearly in your words or body language, don’t overestimate men’s emotional intelligence, the more clearly you express, the better, at least men think you are much better than you don’t understand you at all. .


Your voice is the most lethal in sex. Even a weak snoring is more stimulating than making love in silence. Don’t buy eloquence at this time. The voice of the woman made him feel that sex is so wonderful that they let them float at the crucial moment and reach the limit of pleasure. Encourage him to advance in your body at the right time, so that men have a sense of direction to the climax with you. The second type of sound that a man wants to hear on a bed is your scream or snoring.


sexy underwear not only enhances visual stimulation, but also enhances women’s self-psychological suggestion, and is also an obvious signal of showing love. Women who are worthy of three things are really worth doing.


It is important for women to have a sexual attitude that matches their partner. Sometimes men can be pleasantly surprised to find that women can be crazy about sex like me. A woman who is up to eight hundred and has a face is definitely not good for the house. The excessive madness is also a man who does not want to see it. Men think that women should have a healthy and normal sexual attitude. If a man is timid about sex, the reason is more than a woman’s attitude, not a man’s physical problems.

If you notice these details, if your sex has not improved substantially, women should wake up their brains and think about the following possibilities:

1. Your body is not attractive to him;

2. He is not with you because of the need for sex between you;

3. The intimate relationship between you has been seriously challenged;

4. His sexual orientation may be homosexual;

5. His sex is not on the same level as you. You really don’t have sex.

These pieces seem cruel, but you must think hard and face them. To know that a person’s sex is not deceiving himself can not deceive others, do not dare to face the reality, do not dare to face the reality, fearless but respectable, but because of the ignorance of the fearless look, it is sad.