Male sexual dysfunction

What is impotence?

Premature ejaculation refers to ejaculation when the penis is inserted into the vagina or immediately after contact with the vagina during sexual intercourse. Nocturnal emission refers to the phenomenon of ejaculation that occurs during asexual activities. This phenomenon is more than 80% of unmarried young adults.

Only long-term frequent nocturnal emission can be regarded as a disease. No ejaculation refers to the phenomenon that ejaculation does not occur after a certain period of time during sexual intercourse. Low libido means that it is difficult to produce sexual excitement and sexual activity under certain conditions. After understanding the definition and main performance of male sexual dysfunction, let us talk about the diagnosis and treatment of this disease.

Diagnosis and treatment

Because male sexual dysfunction can be divided into two major categories of psychological factors and organic diseases, in terms of treatment, only the simultaneous treatment of the two causes can obtain better results. For patients with male sexual dysfunction caused by psychological factors, it is advisable to take certain psychological treatments, such as helping patients to correctly understand the disease, normal sexual function, and mastering certain sexual science knowledge, so as to psychologically overcome the disease.

At the same time taking drug treatment, you can get satisfactory results, such as long-term spermatorrhea patients in the drug treatment can take synergistic galactic, secret elves and other drugs have a certain effect, the majority of patients not ejaculation is caused by mental factors, the treatment of this disease It can be treated with pupillary injection of IGS. At the same time, the cure rate of urethral dilatation and oral synergistic Gaoxiong pills and platoons can reach 90.15%.

For male sexual dysfunction caused by organic disease, surgical treatment and drug treatment are used. For example, patients with impotence can undergo penile vein embolization, or deep penile vein ligation and penile artery bypass. The cure rate of venous impotence surgery can reach 85%, and it can be achieved with the treatment of Gaoxiong Pill and Scherrer.

First, the primary lesion must be treated seriously. It is necessary to pay attention to the hygiene of the reproductive organs, avoid infection, and adjust the psychology before sexual activity, which can achieve the effect of preventing premature ejaculation. The drug treatment can use the synergistic secret elves and suppressing the spirit, and the effect is obvious. In short, men with sexual dysfunction must first correctly understand the disease, get out of the psychological shadow, master certain scientific knowledge, and choose the right treatment plan to restore health as soon as possible.