What are the performances of sexual incompetence?

Sexual performance

Many people have great expectations for sex when they get married. When your man can’t satisfy your feelings? Medically, this kind of illness is called “sexual incompetence”! In fact, the performance of men’s incompetence is sometimes because of women’s Some actions were caused. Do you have these moves after your marriage? Stop now!

What is sexual incompetence?

Sexual inability refers to the inability to perform normal sexual life and the loss of the basic functions of sexual life, because of physical, physical, psychological and other factors. Male sexual incompetence refers to impotence, and women also have haze. Due to physiological characteristics, it is not very obvious, while male performance is more prominent. Promote a correct view of marriage and family.

1. Premature ejaculation

It can be said that most men with sexual incompetence have symptoms of premature ejaculation. Some men with mild symptoms often have ejaculation prematurely during sexual life, while some male patients with more severe symptoms do not even have penis. There is ejaculation in the vaginal money. This situation not only seriously affects the quality of sexual life between husband and wife, but also may make women difficult to give birth. Therefore, the symptoms of premature ejaculation must be treated as soon as possible, so as not to cause the husband and wife to lose.

Premature ejaculation is also divided into a variety of different symptoms, the most common in life is ejaculation and obstacles. For some patients with habitual premature ejaculation, there are other diseases.

2. Yangshuo

Impotence is also a very common manifestation of sexual incompetence in men’s daily life. The so-called impotence is actually that the penis cannot be properly erected, which leads to a great impact on the sexual life between husband and wife. In addition to the penis can not be normal erection, men with impotence often have back pain, kidney deficiency, depression and other reactions in their daily life, and may also lead to temper temper. Clinical studies have found that most men with symptoms such as impotence are very uncomfortable.

There are many reasons for impotence in life. The most common cause is impotence caused by organic lesions. The most common manifestation is that the penis does not erect at any time. In addition to this is the impotence caused by mental factors, usually only during sexual excitement or sexual intercourse, the penis does not erect, and in normal sleep state can still erect.

3. Erectile dysfunction

Men with sexual incompetence and other conditions are also prone to erectile dysfunction in normal life, that is, the penis is difficult to erect during sexual life, making it difficult to enter the female vagina. Prolonged erectile dysfunction may also lead to sexual dysfunction in men, the most common being sexual coldness, sexual psychological problems, low sexual desire, and inversion. There are even some men who have delayed ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation. In addition, there are symptoms such as ejaculation pain and blood.

For this part of the male should go to the hospital as soon as possible to find the help of professional doctors, do not believe any folk remedies or earthwork, so as not to delay the best treatment time. Erectile dysfunction is also a manifestation of impotence in men. Once discovered, it must be treated as soon as possible.

4. Sexual dysfunction

The overall activity process of male sexual function is five steps: libido, penile erection, penis insertion into the vagina, orgasm-ejaculation and sexual gratification. Any obstacles in any one of the links may cause the male to fail to complete the whole sex. process. Such as penile erectile dysfunction, ejaculation dysfunction, sexual desire disorder, sexual dysfunction and so on.

These are all manifestations of men’s incompetence. Once these symptoms appear, they should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Don’t be ill, this will only make your sexual dysfunction worse.

When you’re trying to increase the change in sexual relationships, you need to be careful not to undermine your relationship with actions that would make most men feel very frustrated. Let us understand some things that make men feel depressed. Don’t do these things. It will eventually cause serious damage to our spirit and relationships.

Performance 1: good at deceiving him

Every time your husband hints at making love, he misleads him and says to him: Maybe tonight. But I know clearly that there is more to be a Platonic spiritual love, and no intimate sexual relationship will occur. By doing this constantly, you will achieve your goal – to create a husband who is extremely frustrated, resentful and angry.

Performance 2: Like a martyr

Reluctantly agree, but let your husband know that you are very reluctant to do so. There are no hints that you may have a little interest or happiness in sleeping with him. Make sure he knows that you are helping him, and that he “owes” your “love” for this happy time.

Performance 3: Using sex to make weapons

Punish him by refusing to have sex with your husband. Every time he violates your rules or forgets to buy milk on the way home, he will pay for it in bed. If you are arguing, be sure to send a dozen roses a day for 5 consecutive days before allowing him to touch you, and apologize 10 times.

Performance 4: Talk to others about him

Tell others about your dissatisfaction with the sexual needs of your husband’s greed (perhaps not at all). He is especially good at jokes; or he is too fast, or too slow, or too cringing. It doesn’t matter what you are talking about. The key is that you disclose your husband’s privacy to outsiders. If you really want to hit him, tell his family about his secrets – his brother, sister or mother.

Performance 5: Do not meet him

Keep waiting, wait until your husband finally has the courage to tell you that he thinks you are really sexy wearing leopard-skin jumpsuits or bodysuits. Don’t say anything right away, then laugh at him in person and never wear any kind. Dispel all his thoughts that want to make your sex life new, and think that these ideas are inexplicable, absurd and noisy. Keep doing this until he confirms that he can’t share his deepest wishes with you.

Performance 6: Keep silent

Don’t suggest to your husband that you like what he does. If you have to say something, make sure that it doesn’t matter. Never directly imply a part of your body – whether it is yours or his, and try not to make any noise.

Performance 7: Exaggerating his performance

Make sure your husband knows his best day, you will only show him a C in bed (I hope you didn’t do it, but if you really want to derogate him, compare him to your former lover) And pointed out how bad he is). Laughing at his attempt to create new tricks. When he feels hurt, make fun of what he did in bed.

Performance 8: Let him bow down

Ok, we can make love, but you have to dump the garbage first, fix the leaking faucet, wash the shower, shave, brush your teeth, trim your toenails, put on a condom, all these things, because I have a morning tomorrow morning. meeting. Let him know that sex life is only about the 180th place on your preferred list. This will make him feel that he is indeed very small.

The last thing a man wants to hear is the three words of sexual incompetence. In the process of sex, knowing how to mobilize a man’s emotions and appease his woman will always improve the performance of men’s incompetence!